Hi all! My name is Rachel!

I like to call myself a Visual Artist because I don't just take photos, I make art. Whether I'm creating under the name 'Fairfoxes', shooting your wedding, or taking your portraits- I aim to dive deep into the meaning of each moment and encourage you to do that too. I'm a lover of all personalities - if you want to escape the crowds and hang with me or stage dive right onto them, get your clothes a little dirty, or keep it classy and clean: I want to discover who you are so when you look back on your photos you say, "Yep, that's me/us".

"When I'm creating I allow my hands to move their own way. It's sort of like dancing. You can hear the beat, in this case it's a beat that only I can hear, and you move to it. I look at this piece and I see that movement; it fills me up and pushes me to dance some more."

some personal labels {if you're wondering}






Travel Junkie 

{ I could describe myself more, but why not let the photos do the talking? }

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