about the artist

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Hey there. Name's Rachel, but my friends call me Dennis.. ask and I'll share the story with you. I'm a travel junkie who's somehow a homebody at the same time. You can often find me planning my next trip, snuggled under a blanket reading a book, creating mood boards for  my next  photo  project, playing Settlers with friends, or finding the  best sushi in town.

I like to call myself an Artist because I don't just take your photos, I make art. 

Whether I'm creating under the name 'fairfoxes', documenting your wedding, or capturing your portraits: I aim to dive deep into the meaning of each moment and encourage you to do that too.

I'm a lover of all personalities so if you want to escape the crowds and hang with me or stage dive right onto them, get your clothes a little dirty, or keep it classy and clean: I want to discover who you are so when you look back on your photos you say, "Yep, that's me/us".

I'm located in Baltimore, Maryland but take me anywhere!


"When I'm creating I allow my hands to move their own way. It's sort of like dancing. You can hear the beat, in this case it's a beat that only I can hear, and you move to it. I look at this piece and I see that movement; it fills me up and pushes me to dance some more."

facts about this peasant

1.     If you couldn't already tell, my favorite animal is a fox!


2.    I'm from the sunshine state! Flooooorida. Tell me your   favorite "Florida Man" headline!

3.    I'm a believer– Jesus is my Lord and Savior.

4.    INFJ / Enneagram 8w9

5.    Current favorite song is Sugar by Sufjan Stevens.

6.    I collect smaller antique items. I have keys, watches, lanterns, spoons– you name it, I probably have it.

And it comes in handy for props!